Axis Energy Services, LLC

Axis Energy Services is an integrated completion and workover service provider focused on long lateral work and intense, 24-hour pad completions, interventions, and remedial work for E&P operators in major shale play basins


Bell Supply Company, LLC

Bell Supply Company is a retailer and distributor of valves, flanges, fittings, and various other supplies for the oil and gas industry. Bell Supply has a network of stores strategically located in all major shale basins


Caliber Completion Services, LLC

Caliber Completion Services offers a comprehensive suite of wireline services to customers facing increasingly complex well completions. The company utilizes leading-edge technology and state-of-the-art equipment designed to enable operators to minimize completion times, to reduce well cost and to optimize production while maintaining a commitment to safety.


CDI Oilfield Services, SRL

CDI Oilfield Services, SRL provides reciprocal rod pump and progressive cavity pump sales, services and support throughout Romania.


Commando Pressure Control, Inc.

Commando Pressure Control develops innovative and economical solutions designed to enhance pressure pumping capabilities and improve efficiencies during multi-well frac operations. The company’s patent-pending Mobile Zipper Unit (“MZU”) is an efficient solution for fracking and isolating multiple wellbores.


Deep Imaging Technologies, Inc.

Deep Imaging is a technology provider offering its customers solutions to optimize well completions.  The company enables the ability to map the placement of completion fluids, informing well spacing and completion design decisions.


Endurance Lift Solutions, LLC

Endurance Lift Solutions is an integrated artificial lift platform offering a full suite of products and services across the downhole rod pump, steel and fiberglass sucker rod, electric submersible pump, capillary, plunger lift and gas lift product lines throughout the continental United States.


Scout Surface Solutions, LLC

Scout Surface Solutions offers equipment life-cycle management and surface equipment sourcing for wellheads, valves and frac trees. The company is based out of Cresson, TX and provides services such as production tree valve repair, custom designed conventional and unconventional wellheads, treating and other ancillary equipment and inventory stock plans.


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