The hallmark of B-29 Investments, LP’s (“B-29’s”) values and principles has been establishing, developing, and maintaining successful relationships and partnerships within its targeted oil and gas industry sectors. B-29 prides itself on its close working relationships with portfolio company management teams, and the professionals of B-29 strive daily to provide portfolio companies with every strategic and financial resource advantage.

Given the funding source behind B-29, the firm is not subject to the typical limitations of private equity funds. The key advantages of such a structure and relationship include:

  • Flexible deal structure allowing for deployment of capital through equity infusions, debt financings, mezzanine structures, and other creative arrangements that allow the correct type of financial support for the underlying capital need
  • Focus on a longer-term investment horizon due to the absence of any restrictions related to time limitations on the life of a fund. As a result, portfolio company management and B-29 professionals can better focus on building a company instead of engineering an investment return while more appropriately responding to changing industry conditions in the often-volatile energy landscape
  • Proven track record of inserting a B-29 professional into the portfolio company setting to serve in an executive and / or managerial capacity, assisting with strategic initiatives, operational plans, and administrative improvements.

The listing of current and realized investments best illustrates the wide range of companies and management teams that B-29 has supported since inception.